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Small Group Training


Focuses on correct alignment in the body, aerobic, strength, agility and stability training in a small group environment with 3-6 people. A perfect add on to your existing training regimen or for those that are motivated by others but still prefer individualized attention.

  • 6 people: $25/per person
  • 5 people: $27/per person
  • 4 people: $30/per person
  • 3 people:$35/per person



Quick paced movements to strengthen the nervous system. Slower sections to provide maximum muscle recruitment. Aerobic, strength, agility and stability training in a group environment with 8+ people. Perfect for those that are not only motivated by others but want to be part of healthy and active community.  Location can vary but currently in Hollywood and West Hollywood area.

$15/per class (discounted packages available)