EliteMindBodySoul is an international fitness consulting firm based in Southern CA founded by Master Trainer Francisco Diaz. With emphasis on holistic techniques, EliteMindBodySoul practices many forms of functional training to promote both physical and mental well-being.

My journey in the health and fitness industry started when I was very young, under the judges table at a bodybuilding competition.  At the time my mother, Vivian Bermudez, was a bodybuilding champion from the Caribbean who became a promoter and judge. My step-father at the time, Javier Pollock, was vice-president of the IFBB federation for Caribbean/Central America. I got to see first hand how tough the sport was not only physically but mentally as well. Growing up I saw how bodybuilders and athletes suffer from injuries. My parents would help them overcome these problems but what really made me stop and think was how I wasn't plagued with the same problems even though I trained like a professional athlete. It was because of all the functional training my parents put me through.

I was born with a disability caused by a deformity in my legs. Luckily, because   

of my parents, that didn't stop me from being just like any other kid. With my mother's encouragement I learned how to stand, walk, run and climb with large clunky metal braces on my legs. My mom threw me in every sport she could think of starting with gymnastics. 

My step-dad would challenge me to become even better. Because of this I was able to overcome my handicap and become a star athlete through sheer will, determination and proper training.

My baby sister battled cancer and my mom fought depression. Watching my baby sister fight go through chemo fighting for her life and my parents not giving up changing her nutrition, injecting vitamins in her body and helping her move around to build her strength ultimately overcoming her illness was life changing. All of these experiences together with my time in the military as a marine would plant the seeds that would blossom in my future helping me and my family overcome hardships leading me to where I am today.

By getting professionally involved in the health and fitness industry, in 2000, I saw people struggle in all aspects from lifestyle choices they made and the environment around them. I too suffered from a terrible accident that made it difficult for me just to move around. This made me put all distractions aside and started my obsessive pursuit to understanding the human body and how it functions. Trust me nothing was more frustrating than building my physique from a handicap to feeling invincible back to not being able to function normally. It literally crushed my ego.  I learned from countless hours of research, professionals in different fields and experience how to rise back up and educate others on how to do the same. I became a leader in the fitness industry running and managing successful programs as a trainer to upper-level management. Life really has been a constant learning experience with challenges on finding out what it actually means to be healthy. I'm sure I will never "figure" it all out but with that comes a never-ending passion to learn and provide for the wellness community. This is why I created EliteMindBodySoul. Join me on my journey.


Francisco Diaz - CEO and Founder of EliteMindBodySoul

Feed your mind, body and soul


Francisco Diaz, CEO and Founder of EliteMindBodySoul